Jun Minami

Illustrator/Live2D Artist&Rigger/VTuber

Current Commission Status: CLOSED

Waitlist Status:Waitlist is closed for now!For further inquiries or to be added to the waitlist, contact me per
Email([email protected])
Or Twitter

What I do!

I am a Illustrator and Live2D artist who specializes in making your vision come to life!
I work closely with my clients to ensure to give them the Quality work they deserve.
I love making ideas reality and Rigging has been a passion of mine for over a year now. I aim to make each rig unique and try to constantly improve in my techniques, which shows in my progress!


I am a former Superhero, recently turned 'villain'. I realized that not everyone can be saved with common methods, and as such decided to go more unconventional ways -cough- blood rituals -cough-
I am a girl made out of Lava, and can produce it out of free will. My strength are my will to never give up and making sure that neither will you!
Listen, I've mastered the way of motivational Shounen speech, I cannot be stopped!
Let's hang together whenever I stream and be pals! Til' then, see ya' around!


Live2D Children

Finished Live2D Rigs

For more, check the rigging examples under commissions!



Rigging Examples

Eye, Eyelid, Brow Movement

Angle X, Y, Z

Mouth Movements


Idle animations

Animated Emotes / Expressions


Pricing Live2D

Prices are the BASE prices in Waist Up/Fullbody. Prices are in EUR!
Model rigs include 3 toggle expressions, 1 animation, AEIOU mouth vowels, idle animation, physics